The Home Health Aide, (Diploma) Program at Life Choice Institute is designed to enhance student’s skill in the practice of patient care and prepare them for work as an HHA. 

Students will become oriented as to the history and purpose of home health care and basic nursing healthcare providers. Students will learn about the medical workers involved in health care and the role of the home health aide in the health setting. Students will review all important skills in patient care to assist the patient with activities of daily living, long term care, and promotion of self-independence. Protocols for patient care include nourishment, nutrition and procedures for feeding patients. In addition students also learn to promote specifically the physical comfort and actions for patient safety and well-being, identify the process of aging and recognize common signs and symptoms of common diseases.  Students will also learn to recognize emergency situations and apply Fist Aid care promptly. Students will learn to care and assist with bathing, toileting, dressing, ambulation, exercises and personal hygiene and grooming. This program will finalize with students learning administrative and leadership skills involved in the health care system.


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