LIFE CHOICE INSTITUTE was founded by Vivake and Jithu Abraham. They have been fascinated about education and employment services since they first finished their professional college degrees. They are involved in the medical field and own a business that serves our community with medical services. After seeing the need for qualified, well-trained professionals and because of their commitment with their community, the Abraham’s invested in opening Life Choice Institute to provide quality affordable education for patient assistance services in Pasco County, Florida. 

Mission & Objectives 

The mission of LIFE CHOICE INSTITUTE is to provide a pathway to success through quality education to better your future. 

In support of its mission, LIFE CHOICE INSTITUTE has adopted the following specific objectives:

  • Assure the development of an institutional frame that allows the student to grow through a diversified source of high-quality education that incorporates effective educational methodologies, modern technology, and traditional alternatives of effective instructional delivery systems.
  • Manage a diversity of students using ethical and innovated methodologies that will allow us to screen, recruit and retain student candidates by identifying the individual needs for educational and personal growth.  
  • Provide a program and services that supports its educational goals and purpose which is consistent with students needs, encourages student success, enhances diversity, and improves the quality of student life.
  • Increase financial resources through the management of an efficient business practice in accordance with ethical procedures and regulatory standards. 
  • Ensure the physical resources and continuous improvement of evaluations and implementation of policies and services that will contribute to effective learning and better student life. 


Administrative Members 

Jithu Abraham -     CEO & Director of Education

  • Nursing Masters Degree, University of South Florida
  • Nursing Bachelors in Science of Nursing, SME 
  • Nursing Diploma, Government School of Nursing

Vivake Abraham -   Business Office and Career Student Services  

  • Associates in Aeronautic Engineering, Sheffield School of Aeronautics, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 
  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Informatics, Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, IL